The Top 15 Questions You Should Ask Your Plastic Surgeon At Your Consultation

Getting plastic surgery can be an exciting, but also an uneasy time for anyone. You can’t wait to have the appearance you’ve been dreaming of, but you likely have concerns about surgery, recovery times, and more. The good thing is that all of your questions and concerns can be addressed during your plastic surgery consultation!

When you choose an expert cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Cat Begovic, they’ll go above and beyond to ensure that you are well-informed before your procedure. Read on to find out the top 15 questions you need to ask at your plastic surgery consultation in Beverly Hills.

Questions About Your Plastic Surgeon

The first step in your plastic surgery journey is to choose the right plastic surgeon and clinic for your procedure.

Prior to your plastic surgery consultation, pay close attention to the little details that can help you see what this clinic is like. Was the staff courteous when you made an appointment? Does the office appear to be clean and organized? Is the team at this clinic taking your needs and wishes seriously and treating you with respect?

All of these things are essential when it comes to choosing the best surgeon and clinic for your procedures. To make sure your doctor is the best choice for you, you’ll also want to ask the following questions during your plastic surgery consultation.

Are You Board-Certified?

Choosing a board-certified surgeon is essential for receiving ideal results. Board-certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Cat are experts in their field. If your surgeon is board-certified, they have met stringent industry requirements, which means that they’ll be more likely to provide top-quality care to their patients.

What Procedures Do You Specialize In?

Once you have found a board-certified plastic surgeon, you’ll want to find out more about the procedures they specialize in. Do they perform procedures that can help you achieve your aesthetic goals?

Not every surgeon or plastic surgery clinic offers a full range of procedures. Find out what your surgeon specializes in so that you know whether they can perform the procedures you need.

Do You Perform Multiple Surgeries in One Day?

You’ll want to ask your surgeon how many procedures they perform in one day to get an idea of what your level of care will be. Dr. Cat only performs one big case per day to ensure her patient is receiving her undivided attention and that the patient is getting the best possible result.

If you need multiple procedures done, will they be able to perform those all in one day? Do they have a plan to stagger treatments, if needed?

Knowing what a typical day looks like for your surgeon can help you understand more about how they dedicate time to their patients.

How Far Out Are You Booking Surgeries?

If you’re looking to schedule a procedure right away, you’ll need to know what your surgeon’s schedule looks like.

Surgeons like Dr. Cat, who work in high-demand cities like Los Angeles are often booked out up to a year in advance. This means you may need to plan in advance if you have a specific time frame you want surgery done, depending on the procedures you are having done.

During your plastic surgery consultation, ask how far in advance your surgeon is booked out so you know whether you can schedule your surgery right away.

Questions About the Procedure

Once you’ve established that your surgeon is the best match for you, ask questions to find out more about the procedure you’re interested in. The following are the most important questions to ask at your plastic surgery consultation to have a better understanding of your procedure.

Which Procedures Will Help Me Reach My Aesthetic Goals?

Your plastic surgery consultation is a time when your surgeon will assess your aesthetic goals and evaluate your current physical features. An esteemed cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Cat will always be honest with you about whether your aesthetic desires are possible and which procedures can be used to achieve them.

Are There Other Options that Can Help Me Achieve Similar Results?

Once you’ve discussed your desired outcome and your surgeon has told you which procedures can help you attain those goals, make sure to ask about any alternatives. For certain procedures, there may be less invasive or non-surgical treatments that can produce the results you are hoping for.

What Are the Risks Involved with This Procedure?

If you are having any kind of cosmetic procedure, it is important to understand what the potential risks are. This is especially true if your procedure involves general anesthesia. Make sure to ask your surgeon what the risks are and if you need to receive medical clearance before you have your procedure performed.

How Often Do You Perform This Procedure?

To feel more secure before having your procedure performed, you’ll want to find out how common the procedure is.

Ask your surgeon how often they perform this particular cosmetic procedure, how many patients seek this procedure, and whether it is something the entire staff is well-versed in.

Are There Before-and-After Photos I Can See?

Seeing the outcomes from other patients can help you gauge what your own results may be like. During your plastic surgery consultation, ask to see any before-and-after photos of patients who have had the same procedure done.

If I Need Multiple Procedures, Can They Be Performed at the Same Time?

Sometimes your aesthetic goals will require more than one cosmetic procedure. If this is the case, ask your surgeon if your procedures can be performed at the same time or if they need to be spaced apart.

Your surgeon will be able to design a treatment plan that ensures your procedures run as smoothly as possible so that you can enjoy the best possible outcome.

What Is the Cost Estimate for My Procedures?

The last thing you want is for your plastic surgery journey to be complicated by unexpected costs. While you’re at your plastic surgery consultation, ask for a cost estimate for each of your procedures and if there are additional costs that are not included in the estimate.

Questions About Recovery

One of the most important aspects of any cosmetic surgery is the recovery process. You’ll want to be aware of what your recovery is going to be like and what you should expect as you heal. Make sure to ask these questions during your consultation:

Is This an Outpatient Procedure or Will I Need to Stay Overnight in an Aftercare Facility?

Ask your surgeon when you will be discharged after your procedure. Many cosmetic procedures are outpatient procedures that allow you to return home the same day. More extensive procedures require you to stay overnight in a plastic surgery aftercare facility.

What Will My Recovery Be Like?

The recovery process for certain procedures is much more extensive and difficult than it is for others. Make sure to ask your surgeon what the recovery is like after the particular procedures you’re having done.

Will I Need Assistance During Recovery?

More extensive plastic surgeries can make it difficult to perform basic tasks immediately afterward. In these cases, you might need to arrange assistance from a friend or family member.

Make sure to ask your surgeon about this so that you can make arrangements to have someone help you during your recovery if needed.

How Long Will It Be Before I Can Return to Work and Normal Activities?

A major concern for nearly every patient is when they will be able to return to work and other activities after their procedure. This time frame varies for every procedure, depending on the extent of your surgery and your general well-being.

Your surgeon can provide an idea of how long it will be before you can return to work and resume your normal activities after your procedures.

Looking for a Plastic Surgery Consultation in Los Angeles?

If you are looking to enhance your appearance, Dr. Cat Begovic is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who can help you to feel like the best version of yourself.

Dr. Cat specializes in a wide range of cosmetic procedures, from liposuction to labiaplasty. Patients choose Dr. Cat for their plastic surgery because of her commitment to top-quality work and patient care.

Dr. Cat goes above and beyond to make sure that her patients are well-informed and comfortable throughout every part of their plastic surgery journey.

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