Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Nasal Tip Surgery

Nasal tip surgery is a common type of nasal cosmetic surgery. Sometimes called tip rhinoplasty, nasal tip rotation, or tip-plasty for short, nasal tip surgery can address a nose that points downward, droops, or appears too bulbous at the tip. A droopy nose, referred to as nasal tip ptosis, can be changed with nasal tip surgery to have a more upward angle. Nasal tip surgery can help make the nose more proportional to the rest of the features of your face, bringing a more harmonious look to the face.

What is a Droopy Nose?

Patients often seek a nasal tip reduction for a droopy nose. The angle between the upper lip and underside of the nose can be a small angle. Many patients look to create greater facial harmony with a larger angle between the nose and lip. This involves removing some of the tissue to create a more upward-sloping tip.

Nasal tip refinement is common for ethnic rhinoplasty and for bulbous tip noses where there is thick skin. Dr. Aric Park is Dr. Cat’s facial surgery expert. Dr. Park uses precision techniques, drawing upon his decades of surgery experience to sculpt the shape of the nose to bring refinement and harmony to each individual patient’s face.

Nasal Tip Surgery Results

A nose with a bulbous tip can have thick skin which can prove challenging for achieving a thinner tip. Using refined tip cartilage shaping, Dr. Park works to bring a smoother, more balanced look to bulbous noses with thick skin.

What’s Involved in Nasal Tip Surgery?

To get a better idea of what you can expect from this procedure, it’s a good idea to browse nasal tip surgery before and after photos to see what is possible. However, it’s also important to keep in mind that every patient’s needs are different. Nasal Tip Surgery can involve removing cartilage from the tip area, minimizing the outer area of each nostril, or adding cartilage to reshape the area. The procedure can involve incisions under the nose or tissue can be removed through incisions inside the nose to prevent scarring.

During nasal tip surgery, you will be under general anesthesia. Additional local numbing anesthesia will be used to ensure your maximum comfort. Nasal tip surgery generally is a minor surgery and only takes a few hours. It’s less invasive than traditional rhinoplasty and is an outpatient procedure.

Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty Case Study

Are There Visible Scars From Nasal Tip Surgery?

Dr. Park understands that the nose is a very prominent feature of the face. It is a focal point that is highly visible. That is why your procedure will be planned out using the most strategically placed incisions that are as small as possible. Incisions can be hidden under the nostrils and within the inside of the nose. Dr. Park’s gentle approach to nasal tip surgery means that he creates the smallest incisions possible to achieve the most natural look.

What Other Rhinoplasty Can Be Added to a Nasal Tip Surgery?

What if you have concerns beyond the nasal tip? It’s quite common for patients to want to address several concerns about their nose, rather than just receive a bulbous nasal tip surgery. In most cases, other procedures can be included in the procedure. These include:

  • Straightening a crooked nose
  • Retracting or narrowing nostrils
  • Addressing a nasal bump or hump

Looking at nasal tip refinement before and after pics can help you to see how these other types of nasal cosmetic surgery can add more balance and harmony to the face. It is important to factor in the additional rhinoplasty cost that other procedures will tack on to a bulbous nasal tip surgery cost.

How Long Does Nasal Tip Surgery Recovery Take?

Because nasal tip surgery is a minimally invasive surgery, most patients recover quite quickly after the procedure. Dr. Park goes to great lengths to make sure incisions are kept to a minimum, to further minimize recovery time. Patients may feel some tightness and minimal swelling post-surgery. Generally, only over-the-counter pain medication is needed to address any discomfort. Patients should set aside a week to ten days of no work and rest after surgery, but it will greatly depend on how physically demanding their everyday work duties are. After several weeks, patients are generally ready to go back to their normal routines without restrictions. Swelling can take several months to fully subside, but during that time, it is usually barely noticeable.

Nasal Tip Rotation Surgery Results

What is Nasal Tip Surgery for Skin Cancer Patients?

Did you know that the nose is the most common place for skin cancer to occur in the entire body? This is why it is essential to always wear sunscreen, particularly on the face, on a daily basis. When skin cancer must be removed from the nose, nasal tip reconstruction surgery is necessary to restore the look of the nose and replace the skin and tissue which was removed. This process demands a skillful reconstruction of the nose, blending the area back in with the rest of the face. If you have had skin cancer tissue removed, you want to choose a cosmetic surgeon who is experienced in nasal tip reconstruction. This type of procedure can restore the look of your face that you know and love.

Nasal Tip Surgery in Beverly Hills

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgeries where patients feel the need for revisions. This is often due to the fact that they chose a cosmetic surgeon who neglected to fully take into account the patient’s natural features and exactly what the patient wanted. This is both costly, time-consuming, and emotionally unpleasant. Here at Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery, we understand that you want to be completely satisfied with the results of your surgery. That is why our team uses finesse and artistry to create a more refined nose that is perfectly suited to match your facial features. This type of procedure demands both an artist’s eye and the trained hands of a renowned plastic surgeon. Dr. Park combines both to create the nasal tip refinement you are looking for.