Misconceptions About Plastic Surgery

If you have followed my work for a while you have probably noticed my passion for Plastic Surgery and for women’s transformation through procedures I do. I take pride in my technique that leaves minimal bruises, scars, and allows for a short recovery time. I’m very transparent with my surgeries, my lovely patients always give me consent to show their surgeries, their transformation journey, and their post-op results on my social media. I started doing that for educational reasons so patients get a better idea of how things are done, what to ask their surgeon, and to give a voice to surgeons who believe in doing the right thing – to pay attention to the detail, to never rush their surgeries, to treat each patient with dignity and respect, and to be a good healthcare provider first and foremost – the way I was trained at UCLA.

As a female plastic surgeon, I encounter frequent misconceptions about plastic surgery, usually coming from individuals who have never had any procedure done. My patients enjoy genuine improvements in body image and experience greater satisfaction with their position in life after cosmetic surgery. I never take for granted the trust my patients put in me every day, and I put my whole heart into every part and every detail of their surgery. For me, I treat every patient on my table as if it were my mom, my sister, or my best friend. Plastic Surgery is one of the few fields where understanding the female body and what women want and care about is truly important. 

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