Benefits of Double Eyelid Surgery

Have you ever wondered if one or both of your upper eyelids could be more pronounced? This can bring greater harmony to your face. Some people naturally have a deep crease in the upper eyelid skin, creating a natural definition. This can make the eye “pop” and also improve any vision obstruction. If you’re considering double eyelid surgery, it’s important to understand the procedure and how it can transform the balance of the face.

What is double eyelid surgery?

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Blepharoplasty is also known as double-eyelid surgery. This procedure aims to add a natural-looking crease to the eye where there currently is not one. When the eyelid doesn’t have a crease that emphasizes the eyeball, it is known as a monolid. Many people feel that a crease in the upper eyelids makes their eyes look more prominent and pronounced. By browsing images of double eyelid surgery before and after photos, you’ll have a better idea of what can be achieved with this surgery.

Asian Double Eyelid Surgery

Men and women of all races and ethnicities can seek out double eyelid surgery. It is however particularly popular with Asian patients, who may have a greater incidence of monolid. This means that the Asian eye fold is typically less prominent than it is in other ethnicities. Double eyelid surgery, sometimes called Asian blepharoplasty or Korean eyelid surgery can add a natural-looking fold between the eyelashes and eyebrows. This can be a very personal decision, particularly as the eyes are an important feature and characteristic of one’s ethnicity.

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Some Asian patients want to alter their monolid, while others may feel it “Westernizes” their eyes too significantly. Dr. Cat mentions that after double eyelid surgery, “patients should not look surprised, change their original eye shape, ethnicity, and it shouldn’t be obvious that they had plastic surgery.” You can feel comfortable discussing your concerns and goals with our expert facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Aric Park. Both he and Dr. Cat are of Asian heritage, which makes them particularly sensitive to the needs of Asian patients wanting to enhance, yet maintain their ethnic characteristics. Our surgeons at Dr. Cat Plastic Surgery specialize in performing Blepharoplasty surgery in a way that allows patients to still keep their ethnic identity while balancing out their facial features. They can guide you through your blepharoplasty pricing and options, which includes multiple types of Asian eyelid surgery.

What are the different types of Double Eyelid Surgery?

Full Incision: A full incision double eyelid surgery involves an incision across the length of the upper eyelid. This is recommended for patients who have thick upper eyelid skin and a severe monolid. In the procedure, excess tissue and skin are removed to create a more pronounced fold. 

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Partial Incision: A partial incision or “minimally invasive” blepharoplasty is appropriate for patients who have a small amount of skin and tissue on their upper eyelid. It can also be a good compromise for people wanting to maintain the look of their ethnicity. This is particularly true with Asian eyelid surgery, as a patient can opt for just a small incision to provide the impression of an eyelid fold.

What are the benefits of double eyelid surgery?

Double eyelid surgery is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the look of an eyelid fold for eyes that lack an upper eyelid crease. There are multiple benefits to this procedure, including:

  • Allowing the eye to look more prominent and larger
  • Giving the eyes a more defined shape where make-up can be more easily applied.
  • Create the appearance of a crease above the eye
  • Can create balance and greater harmony for the face, particularly if there is an imbalance in the upper eyelid folds.
  • Removing the “puffy” look that can be a characteristic of monolid eyes.

double eyelid liftIn addition to these benefits, a double eyelid surgery procedure can present an opportunity to address and correct other eyelid conditions, such as eyelid drooping and inward-growing eyelash hairs.

Are there alternatives to double eyelid surgery?

Some people opt to forgo surgery and instead use mechanical means to create an eyelid fold. This can be done with tape or eyelid glue. While the results of eyelid surgery that include an incision are permanent, these alternative methods need to be continuously applied. Although using adhesive can allow you to see what the results of double eyelid surgery may be, we don’t advise using them repeatedly. These adhesives can contain harsh chemicals that can irritate the eyes. Also, the constant pull and tension of the skin can cause the skin to sag.

How long does it take to recover from double eyelid surgery?

double eyelid surgery before and afterDouble eyelid surgery is a minimally invasive surgery that only requires a small and thin incision. This means recovery time is much shorter than many common cosmetic surgery procedures. Sutures are put in place to close up the incision and allow for a barely visible scar. These sutures are removed a week after surgery. By two to three weeks after surgery, many patients are able to fully return to their normal daily activities.

Eyelid Surgery Demands a Trained Eye

The eyes are one of the most important and delicate parts of our body. That’s reason enough to want to entrust them to only the most trained plastic surgeons. Beyond the need for precision and safety, double eyelid surgery also demands an artist’s eye. The look created by the double eyelid procedure should appear natural and subtle. Both Dr. Park and Dr. Cat specialize in eyelid surgery. As the practice’s expert facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Park pays extensive attention to detail. This ensures a quick recovery and barely visible incision marks. Dr. Park’s gentle approach helps patients experience little to no pain after their eyelid surgery. If you are curious about double eyelid surgery, book a consultation with Dr. Cat’s Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery office. The staff is happy to answer questions and provide guidance on which double eyelid procedure may offer you the best results.