Brazilian Butt Envy or Not?

During my vacation to Latin America, I was able to visually study body types and genetics related to this part of the world. It’s no secret that full and well-shaped bottoms were very popular in this part of the world way before it became a popular Instagram and social media sensation. So is it genetics, food, climate, popularity as a trend, or plastic surgery? Without generalizing, it’s a combination of all of the above.

Obviously, genetics plays a big factor since inherent fat distribution, as well as underlying butt muscle anatomy, plays a huge part in the shape. Also, surgical enhancement has been consistently popular. Even in the Baywatch era that made oversized boobs popular, the butt stayed a consistent trend in Latin America. So what can the rest of us (including myself) that don’t have the same genetic predisposition do? A feminine hourglass shape is all about the waist to hip proportion. Therefore, sliming down one’s waist with diet and exercise while training glutes will help you create a better proportion regardless of your genetics. However, this does tend to build the butt projection but not necessarily fullness along the sides of the butt (has to do with where the muscle inserts) so often many people also have surgery.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery involves liposuction to other areas (usually the abdomen, hips, flanks, and back) with fat transfer to the butt. In contrast to butt implants, your own fat is soft, natural feeling, and won’t shift over time or erode as many implants do. Because a Brazilian Butt Lift is combined with liposuction to other areas – usually the midsection – the final result is a more hourglass shape – a thin waistline and a back that curves gently into full buttocks.

I believe that for long-term results that look feminine and not clown/like or they someone is wearing a giant diaper, the transitions between curves should be smooth and there should be no weird shelves or bulges. Since this procedure is about changing fat distribution and the proportion of fat cells between waist and butt, when performed carefully and artistically, and with proper diet and exercise will preserve the results and shape long term.

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