The Importance Of Self Care

As a high performer who cared and wanted so much to excel in academics and in my career, for almost my whole life, I got used to the feeling of needing to constantly be doing things. While that mindset obviously has its perks, it also creates a sense of guilt when taking time off or when taking a moment to stop being productive. At times, I was close to burnout, and I suffered mentally and physically.

A few years ago, I made serious adjustments in my life and my perspectives and also incorporated mindfulness as a part of my daily living. This concept of just being, not thinking or doing anything, was so new to me and I really struggled to allow this new pattern into my life. I’m so glad I did because it has made a significant difference in my life. It has led to more peace, more clarity, better focus, less overthinking, and even higher productivity once I’m back into action. I believe it has also made me a better wife, mother, and person. That’s one thing I truly wish I knew and had adapted earlier in my life, that’s why I’m sharing this with some of you who needed to hear it as I believe it will make a positive difference for you too.

At least a few times a week – allow yourself to just be and not do anything, let your thoughts come and go free of judgment, and live presently and fully in the moment. 

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